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    CNC Lathe
    • Multi-task Machining – through the use of multi-tasking lathes, we’re able to perform both turning and milling operations in one setup, often with unattended operation. This results in higher quality parts being produced more quickly than traditional machining methods and offers the best possible value to the customer.
    • 2 Axis Turning – from hard metal to aluminum, our turning centers can efficiently produce high quality parts of all sizes. The combination of our high-precision equipment and machining expertise allows Miller CNC to hold tolerances in the tenths and often machine parts that previously required secondary grinding operations to hold surface finish and diameter tolerances. Our customers benefit from the reduced lead times and lower manufacturing costs.
    • Bar-fed Turning – bar feeders allow us to feed our lathes with 100+ feet of material at once. This allows the machine to run unattended around the clock. Since the machine never stops the throughput and quality are very high and labor costs are very low, offering our customer the best possible value on simple turned parts.